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Do You Have Any Questions?

Where will we stay?

There are a few different locations where we may stay on our trips. All locations will have most American comforts to include hot showers, a full kitchen and twin-sized beds.

What are the rooms like?

What are the rooms like? The rooms will be bunk-room style, one each for men and women and a common area for congregating, praying and eating.

Where does the trip begin and end in California?

If you have traveled by plane then you will be dropped off back at the airport. If you started your trip via ground transportation in California then you can expect to be taken back to the same location where you were originally picked up.

What if I have special dietary requirements

If you have special requests be sure to submit those requests early so we can include these considerations in the planning process.

What things should I bring?

Bible, passport, signed waiver form, specific food if you have special dietary requirements, snacks, sunglasses, one set of work clothes that can get dirty, and comfortable closed toe shoes.

Can I bring donations like clothes, candy or toys?

Please talk to your group leader before bringing along donated goods.

What is the climate like?

The weather is very similar to San Diego. The nights can be cool in the winter so bring appropriately warm clothes.

Is it safe?

Many Americans and Canadians purchase vacation homes or retire in this area of Mexico. We are located more than 1,000 miles from the mainland Mexico cities where much of the reported violence has taken place—it has no impact on us in the same way that violence in Chicago would have no impact on residents of Denver. In fact Chicago has a much higher crime rate than even Tijuana. Los Angeles and Tijuana have comparable crime rates. We cross the border multiple times per week and have never felt unsafe. As we visit the various ministries in the region, we will be staying together as a group, further relieving any concerns about safety. Most people who are concerned when first crossing the border quickly relax and thoroughly enjoy the rest of their trips. And regardless which location that we stay, it will be in a safe, peaceful environment.

What is it like crossing the border?

We usually end up laughing and joking with the customs agents. Most often the US customs officers ask what the purpose of the trip was, where we visited and if we are bringing anything back that we purchased in Mexico. The wait times can vary greatly depending on the time of the crossing. Getting into Mexico is typically pretty quick with very little wait times. Crossing back into the US can have varying wait times depending on when you cross. We will assist you with making travel arrangements to ensure that you allow adequate time for crossing the border.

Where will we be eating?

It depends on the trip. For an all-inclusive trip, continental breakfast will be served where we stay. Most lunches will be eaten while on the go, typically at marvelous taco stands that we frequent often. Dinner varies, sometimes sit-down, sometimes takeout and sometimes eaten back at our lodging.

Can we drink the water?

Do not drink any water that is not bottled unless you ask someone who is either local or leading you on the trip.

What’s different about using the restroom?

In Mexico the plumbing is different. Do not flush toilet paper or any other product down the toilet. Place all toilet paper in the garbage located next to each toilet.

Can we take pictures and videos?

You must ask permission before taking photos. Each ministry/environment has different reasons and protocols for picture taking. Do not post any pictures on social media without prior permission. Please ask your Strong Tower leader if it hasn’t been discussed ahead of time.

Are these trips mostly just about going on tours?

No. We will be financially helping those in need, working on building projects, and continuing to develop relationships with our friends south of the border.