It’s been said that you can tell what’s important to people by looking
at their calendar. Time is important; time is a valuable thing. What we
spend our precious time on needs to be what is most important to us,
what matters in life, and what matters in an eternal sense. We have a
limited number of years on this earth, how are we going to use them?
What are you doing with your precious time?
Strong Tower Ministries helps people to spend their time with impact,
to spend their time changing lives and being changed in the process.
Our ability to focus and leverage the skills and time of the many
volunteers we’ve coordinated over the last few years is powerful.
God created us for service, to walk in the footsteps of Jesus to serve
those around us. By leading people into service we help to show
them what true joy is. In the last 2 years alone, Strong Tower Ministries
has coordinated over 80 groups and well over 1,400 volunteers
working together to find and use the talents they have. So many
people have time and talents to share, but aren’t sure where or how to
use them. By leading teams into productive service we are helping to
show them what they were intended for.
Along with changing the lives of the volunteers, Strong Tower
Ministries has had a real and dramatic impact on thousands of
children in Baja through assisting the front line ministries and local
churches serving children at risk.
Over the last few years STM has utilized volunteers to help design, build,
and partially fund many construction projects including: a children’s
special needs/terminally ill hospice center, a mission’s training center for
a deaf boarding school, a 3000 sq. ft. nursery for an orphanage, and is
currently building a 6000 sq. ft. medical center in a small town. Along with
the construction projects STM has assisted with many local outreaches
including medical clinics, food distribution, and Christmas programs.
All of our projects are designed to come alongside well established, well
run, stable ministries in Baja providing a high level of accountability. By
partnering with existing established ministries, we ensure that the work
done is impactful and has long term results.
We’re having a great time and we’d love for you to join us. There is great
joy in fulfilling our call to serve others, which we refer to as “putting the
gospel into action”. We invite you, your church, or your organization to
join us in changing lives and being changed in the process.
Let’s have fun together.
In Partnership,

DJ Schuetze
STM President