Strong Tower Ministries exists to be a conduit to assist children living in destitute situations worldwide. This can lead to helping someone as far away as another continent or simply assisting a child living in a nearby neighborhood. Santa Ana is a city located in Orange County California, where our ministry is headquartered. It has been estimated that in certain areas of Santa Ana, 30% of families are living below poverty level. Between 80-90 percent of these children live in Spanish speaking homes. On average, 60 percent of these families have less than a 9th grade education. In areas like these, churches are one of the major stabilization tools for organizing and effectively creating change for families, giving them a hope and a future.

In October 2008, STM partnered with several local churches to bring effective and lasting change to Santa Ana and its neighboring communities. The goal was to assist in providing much needed resources to the communities such as food, clothing, and medical services. Local churches would play a key role, as they not only are attending to these families’ physical needs, but also are addressing their spiritual needs. At the same time, STM provided the opportunity for people living within and outside these communities to engage in service on a local level.

Over a two year period, STM witnesses thousands of lives being touched in Santa Ana. The project grew from the very first Saturday in 2008 when 45 families attended, to 2010 when routinely 500 destitute families came to receive foods, clothing, prayer, medical, legal aid, and to connect with a local church. The outreach that originally started in a parking lot expanded to a homeless outreach in other areas of Santa Ana, and partnering with other local church and para church organizations outreach events throughout Orange, Los Angeles, and Riverside counties. This ministry project saw the opening of a free medical clinic, and the addition of several warehouses that store and distribute items both locally and globally (a recent example of this was the over million dollars worth of donated medical supplies sorted and sent to Haiti following the 2010 earthquake).

The project grew to the point that it took on its own identity and name. A separate non-profit was formed by STM project manager Dimitri Sirakoff in 2010 called “Serve the People”. Serve the People hopes to expand its days of operation, add additional specialists and services to the free medical clinic, offer free legal aid, food pantries, and advocacy (housing) programs. It will continue to work closely with the community to determine other basic needs that are currently unavailable or unaffordable to them and thereby add such services to the organization.

Although a completed project, STM continues to partner with Serve the People and their ongoing mission.

For further information about Serve the People call 714 352-2905 or go to


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